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he said yes michele with love

Your Wedding... As Authentic As You Are

At 21 I knew I would never get married. A couple decades later I asked my boyfriend of 9 1/2 years to marry me and we had a most memorable wedding day. Our wedding was unique, charming, and chill. We didn't settle for anything we didn't want. What a fun ride this life is.


Fortunately, I've never had confusion when it came to the big decisions in life.


The small stuff? That's a different story!


A clear knowing of not wanting marriage then a clear knowing of when that changed. The one constant that never changes is that everything changes, right?


I could have hung on to my decision and attached tightly to it. Instead, I changed when I sensed it in my heart.


Part of the reason I didn't wish to marry was I didn't want the traditional ways.


Of course, there were parts I liked and I've never been to a wedding I didn't enjoy! For instance, I have never cared for jewelry, especially not the expensive kind. So, I had no interest in engagement rings. In fact, my husband and I do not have wedding rings!


A shift occurred in me when I realized I didn't need to be told how to celebrate. And what a better way to kick it off then to propose to your boyfriend, the same one whom you had adamantly asked to never ask you to marry him? Yes, the same one!

It was exciting. I hadn't considered what a wedding would look like prior to this realization. So I began to dream! And everything fell into place.


Now I find a true joy in marrying others! It is my wish for others to tap into the uniqueness and realness of who they are, and create a day full of love and warmth. That is what warms my heart!

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