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married in the new year

Married in the New Year

New Year's Day weddings are my favorite. Okay, who am I kidding? I love weddings --regardless of the day!


Since becoming a Justice of the Peace and Wedding Officiant, I've done so many holidays. At one point, my portfolio had more holiday weddings compared to "regular" days of the year.


I am the type of person who appreciates every day and feels every moment is a celebration. Yet, still, the majority of my couples planned their special occasion on a holiday, be it Saint Patty's Day, Christmas, or even Halloween.


With that, I've always had at least one ceremony every New Year's Day, with the exception of one year.


Though I'm not complaining, I certainly would be fibbing if I said I didn't miss my New Year's weddings,


There is something so special about marrying your best friend, your favorite person, your soulmate, your ultimate partner at the start of a new year.


There is a physical crispness in the New England air but also a crisp energetic sense of renewal that cannot be denied.


No matter when you choose for your special day to be, I would be honored if you choose me to officiant your marriage.


May the beauty of the year's renewal sing brightly in your hearts all year long.

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