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This image is a quote that reads, "You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe. Trust. Let go. And see what happens."

What it takes is all it took

There is a new energy of the Earth today. Gratefully, it took me by the hand early on like a trusted new old friend: A friendship I cherish.


Though undeniably a tough time for some, I personally see more possibilities and growth exploding. I was given a glorious opportunity to write a chapter in a The Great Pause: Blessings and Wisdom From COVID-19. In it I explore a notion that perhaps we needed something to shake us from the old way.


We are powerful beings who have gotten a little too comfortable in what is comfortable.


I was lucky to have been given that gift of writing from my heartspace while navigating this unknown with introspection. It continues to give me feathery chills. Something I have not been able to hide for the past couple of years, nor would I wish to conceal it.


I've met many others who feel the same as me but also feel guilty for not having a bad time or feeling fully alone in their different perspective. If anything, there is no better time to feel and to be honest with those feelings.


This is not to say that moving into the unknown is easy. Yet the sheer exhilaration alone in doing so and in taking those steps into it, witnessing the beauty and joy unfolding, is something quite hard to put into words.


When a newly engaged couple is planning their big day, things may not always go exactly as is thought up in the mind.


The "typical" reactions through these pivotal moments are hard to watch but I find it more of a miracle when even with all that pressure, they can actually acknowledge and accept the bump in the road no matter how small or how big it is.


I am captivated in awe watching them dance around it with grace and ease!


As the quote in the image illuminates, isn't it always easier when we are embraced instead of struck; healthier to relax then to be persistently panicked; anything more lovely to feel our truth then to be told how to feel or worse, not to feel at all!

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