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Onto Your Next Grandest Adventure Together!

Your Love Story

As Special As Your Love

Your love is to be celebrated! You've decided to get married and now you decide how that looks  — Traditional, Custom Made, Out-Of-The-Box. The day is yours and you should have a Wedding Officiant that adjusts and flows with your heart's desires. 

My ceremonies are naturally light-hearted and deeply loving at the same time! A beautiful balance, just like your relationship!

Whether it is something quick at town hall, an intimate gathering with special elements, or a large celebration with every detail designed and planned out, I am an organized yet very flexible JP who can grant all your wishes. 

With an open mind and an open heart 💜 I wish you the wedding of your heart's deepest desires!

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It is hard to put a price on Love 💗 Envision your dream ceremony and let’s work it out!

You may leave a message regarding a Wedding, any type of Ceremony or a Reiki Class here.

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About: Michele Kean 

Justice of the Peace

Wedding Officiant 

This time is all about You! Your Dreams. Your Ceremony. Your Way.

A Love Together

The greatest gift of all is presence. I greatly appreciate your consideration and look forward to create a celebration worthy of your love.

About Me
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A Little About Me

Like many of us, in childhood I held a depth of curiosity and wonderment which tapered off into adolescence. Luckily, my inquiries began again later in life and I noticed it helped my spirituality to kick in. I relocated from suburbia South Jersey to the quiet corner of Connecticut. I started to do things I never even knew existed in NJ.

A new-found self-love began to build as I camped and hiked in nature. I discovered I adored meditating and getting massages! Intrigued by the messages I learned from my body and mind from receiving "mindful" massage, I decided to become a Massage Therapist. In massage school, I was learning non-judgement, acceptance and forgiveness. More things I didn't know existed! 

Just the process of becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) changed me. I dove even deeper into yoga, mindful and meditative practices. Being a LMT was an absolute joy.

And I realized, I've always had the most fun jobs on the planet, The older I became the more I followed my own heart's desires -- one of the greatest was to let go and have fun! I encourage all beings to do the same, regardless of age!

From amusement park attendant to working in the entertainment business and then in the veterinary field, I went on to become a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher. I've learned amazing techniques along the way, including Theta Healing and inner-child work.

To make things more exciting, I was a collaborative author in "The Blessings & Wisdom from Covid-19: and wrote my first children's book "Rio & Silas With Love" in 2020 which is about two puppies my husband and I fostered. We continue to foster homeless fur friends!

Becoming a Justice of the Peace, being able to marry couples in Connecticut -- it is a dream that has come to fruition through a cosmically choreographed series of insightful and elegant events!​

It was the very best natural next step for me to take! My passion shines in creating and performing a wedding ceremony. I put my full attention and heart into it! I hope to be given the opportunity to share this joyous occasion with you.


I am so excited to celebrate your love.

What an honor it would be to share this special moment in time.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! 

Gratefully yours,


Michele Kean

Justice of the Peace in CT

Marriage Officiant

This time is all about You! Your Dreams. Your Ceremony. Your Way.

Bristol, CT 06010, USA


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