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Wishes and Dreams

Growing up, my girlfriends dreamt of their wedding day. I never gave it a thought. Being a very petite, short individual -- all I wished for my future self was to be tall. Okay, so anyone that has ever met me knows that didn't pan out. It is perfectly fine that I remained small in statue for I have recently engaged the expansiveness of myself through many avenues including making my unique adult dreams transform into reality.

In fact, multiple entries on my wish list, came online in my life. For a lot of people, 2020 is a harsh year. For me, it has been and continues to be not only a healing year but one of the greatest, especially in regards to manifestations.

To add to the classes I have been honored to teach, I taught my first online long distance Reiki classes then a successful Master class. I became a published author... Twice this year (The Great Pause: Blessings & Wisdom of Covid-19 and my very own children's book, Rio & Silas With Love.) The children's book is about two real-life pups my husband and I fostered a couple years ago. Which leads to another wish list item checked off. We are fostering again, this time an incredible sweetheart of a momma dog and 4 of her teeny tiny pups.

There was one more major item which happened late February and only a couple weeks before lockdown. I became a Justice of the Peace in CT. I would have to wait for the panic of the pandemic to smooth out a bit. I was also healing from a major ankle break so, waiting to do my first wedding, was fine with me! It meant more time to heal.

All healed up and back in motion I was ready and got the most perfect bookings at the most divinely timed times for the most perfect ceremonies.

Standing up there in between two beautiful people in Love. Oh, there is no feeling like it. Pure gratitude fills me up from top to bottom as I peer out to the crowd peering back with all eyes on the special couple.

The fulfillment of all my dreams have a very distinct feeling behind each accomplishment. At the sake of over-using the word 'special' here. That is just it. Special. SO Special.

Now what fills my heart, is helping others fulfill their dreams, even in the midst of turbulent times. For Love will always prevail.

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