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The Very Important Question of Cost

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

When approached by newly engaged loves, one of the first questions I get asked is "How much does a wedding officiant cost?" There is no set price, therefore, each JP or officiant determines their value and usually sets a starting price until speaking with you.

The best way to answer this important question is to have an idea of your needs and desires. The venue location is needed to determine if travel fees will be incurred. Also, it matters if you want your JP present at the rehearsal and/or require them to coordinate and lead the rehearsal. Knowing your budget is very helpful but it's understandable that can not always be easy to determine.

The process and pricing that comes with a wedding is no joke. You add a special element here and there and holy heck how that tally grows!

Even if your amazing Matron of Honor bakes the mini cupcakes in place of a wedding cake and designs and creates all the décor; Even if you skip the flowers and let the natural rustic venue speak for itself; Even if the guest's favor, place setting and drinking glass is all the same item -- it's hard to hide from that price tag!

The cost for any officiant will include them delivering the marriage license to town/city hall and should include them arriving to the venue early. Your initial consult is free and usually after that first meeting, I can formulate that cost for you.

I truly care you have the ceremony of your dreams and I am not afraid to work with you as well as with your budget.

To get a feel of my approach: A ceremony with me will have sparks of humor, a few hefty doses of nostalgia accompanied with tons of love.

As an officiant, I put my heart, soul and wit into it! I hope we can work together.

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